Welcome to Lake Argyle

Click on the video below to discover the essence of this amazing place and go on a small journey with a Lake Argyle pioneer – Charlie Sharpe and his son Harry.

In the far north of Western Australia in the remote Kimberley region is a vast freshwater lake nestled amongst a rugged billion year old landscape.

Lake Argyle is Australia’s largest expanse of freshwater covering an area of more than 900 square kilometres at full supply level and up to 2000 square kilometres when in flood.

Once a habitat that was subject to the cycles of the wet and dry seasons, now this massive expanse of permanent fresh water has allowed a thriving ecosystem to develop.

The magnificent scenery and peaceful isolation make Lake Argyle a must see destination when visiting the Kimberley!

Lake View Grand Villas: (opened April 2012)

Our Lake View Grand Villas are fully air-conditioned, with large living and dining areas plus 4 bedrooms all with ensuites (4 bathrooms) and air-conditioning. With 2 lounge/dining areas these Villas will suit more than just one family. The kids can have their own TV room while the grownups enjoy the spectacular deck and lounge next door. The Villas will sleep up to 10 persons, so gather a few friends or family and escape to paradise.

Lake View Grand Villas - Accommodation